Simple value generator pipes?


New to the Midihub so perhaps I’ve missed this. I think it would be deceptively useful to have a pipe or two for generating simple, static values. Along the lines of a virtual fader or knob.

I know most people will use a controller plugged into the Midihub to achieve this - it makes a lot of sense - but I do see some use in being able to generate these values from scratch from within the Midihub environment, for times when an external controller is not necessary or perhaps available.

For example, some synths have options accessible only via MIDI messages. I would like to use Midihub, along with stored patches, to change these settings. Right now I don’t see a way of sending a single, static CC.



Do you intend to use this only manually, or do you want this to be based on the data/events that are currently going through Midihub?

At the moment, you could use utilities on PC to send arbitrary MIDI data as needed. For example, software like MIDI-OX on Windows provides a lot of MIDI sending functionality.

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Think its similar to this request:

It could be both, to be honest. But what I imagine is having something as a substitute for an external controller within the Midihub environment. For example, loading in a “Knob” pipe that allows me to send CC by moving the knob, or slider or whatever. Or perhaps a button that allows me to click the screen and send out a predefined CC or midi message.

Perhaps it is similar to, or could be bundled with, the Event feature request.

Hope this makes sense! Thank you for reading!

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