Round-Robin Feature


I asked a question about ways to implement a “round-robin” style function with the current features available in the Midihub, but thought it might be worth submitting it for consideration here. I am using the Midihub to transform drum-triggers that are ending up at a Nord Drum 2. So the wish for this feature is from the perspective of a percussionist wanting to find ways of making interesting processes available in real-time, not transforming sequenced Midi.

A simple example would be every time a given note is received, trigger the following notes/Midi CC values in sequence, and cycle through the input values back to the first one. Potentially randomization or other patterns could yield interesting possibilities.

I am still attempting to achieve this following a response to the post I made in the general Midihub section. It is rather convoluted, so I thought I would submit this here in case it seems like a potentially useful or interesting feature to implement for others too. A lot of drum samplers work with round-robin and random cycling, so it’s a common feature within software setups with drums, usually to avoid the “machine gun” effect of a sound cutting itself of and clearly repeating. I’m more interested in a sort of creative interactive setup for hybrid (acoustic/electric) drumming, but just to say there are clearly other potential uses if such a feature were possible to realize. You’ll have to pardon my ignorance if it isn’t possible, or is too complicated to execute to make it worthwhile.

The Dispatcher pipe can be used to trigger different processing on each new hit.

Let us know the kinds of processing you think is currently missing for these hits. :slight_smile:

Also, the Randomizer and Chance pipes can add some variance to each note. Add Delay pipes with different settings here and there, put in another Dispatcher pipe somewhere to process the delayed notes even further, etc…

Do you mean you want this made available in some different layout of the UI and controls?