MIDI morph pipe

so is there a way to morph between states?
I see that there are presets you can switch between

I’d like to have two states where a button press can switch which state is in focus. Then use the CC sliders to set your state and press the focus button to switch to the state B to set it too.
then something like an LFO or another CC could interpolate between the two states

being able to morph synth parameters in this way would be pretty wonderful

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along these same lines I’d love to see a pipe which took a midi CC in and you could specify a number of note triggers to be set along its entire throw

so for instance if you set it to 5 triggers they would be evenly spaced between 0-127

being able to then control the spread of those triggers closer together/further apart would also be nice but not totally necessary

The note trigger suggestion would let you generate Euclidean polyrhythms, which would be very cool!


then you could have one of the built in LFOs run a sequence

I haven’t gotten my midihub in the mail just yet so I have a lot to learn still

CC morphing is a good idea, but unfortunately the MIDI transport would quickly become the bottleneck - let’s say we’re morphing 20 CC parameters, it would take ~19.2ms just to send one value update for all individual parameters through the DIN-5 MIDI cable.

Regarding CC note trigger, do you mean to trigger some configure note number when the CC value crosses particular levels, always the same note number?

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darn about the cc morphing thank you for the reply

Yes that is the basis for what I mean

every time the threshold gets crossed it triggers a settable note

hopefully this image will help

being able to trigger the notes by sliding the pot up and down is a very fun physical feeling
like physically playing an arpeggio just by sliding and of course it is a blast with drums

and then you could transform the notes to program changes (I think I’m still very new to midihub) and allow for preset changing with a single slider which could be very useful too

allowing for some triggers to be left blank would be good too for sequencing

allowing the notes that get triggered to be midi mappable would mean you could set up other sliders mapped to those notes so you could switch the tuning on the fly

the spread control allows for spreading the triggers out along the throw


Interesting suggestion, I can see how this could be useful. :slight_smile: And it would be interesting to combine with an LFO pipe as well.

How would you name such a pipe? :slight_smile:

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YES! LFO into this would be awesome

I’ll think on the name
there used to be a max4live app that did this maybe I can find it any that will help with the name

just a little silly aside when I saw my package arrive from Lithuania I thought of my brothers wife Jurgita I wish I lived closer to them. She is a master gardener and bakes the most amazing not super sugary desserts.