Pipes that require sync/is this necessary?

I can’t remember which ones these are at the moment, but i did have a period of frustration before I read somewhere in the docs that an external clock was required. What was happening is that I’d insert one of these, and then nothing would happen. Now there are probably technical reasons why it is implemented this way, but obviously (?) this can be an inconvenience. I want to be able to use these and set a rate within the pipes themselves, and not have to worry about sending an external clock (not always the most convenient thing from a work flow perspective here. I do work a bit idiosyncratically, but for instance, the pyramid as I recall doesn’t require external sync for any of its midi fx, some of which are similar to the midihub’s). Forgive me if i have any of this wrong - still a beginner with this.

Some of the nodes need a clock if they should be synced to the beat, like for example a delay node. So the rationale is easy: If you want it synced to the clock/beat… it needs the clock.

But AFAIR it is totally possible to just use the clock node within the MH. You can even map a Midi Controller to the clock speed setting to change the clock speed with a Midi controller without firing up the MH Editor.

So actually an external clock signal should not be neccessary.

Yes, for synced operation, a clock signal is always necessary, either from an external device, or from BPM pipe.

Some pipes like LFO, Chance and Delay have a ‘sync enabled’ parameter which can be turned off, so no sync is necessary.

For an example how you could make use of the BPM Clock pipe, see ‘Modulated Synced LFO’ example.

ok. i must have screwed up in my testing. This is good to know.