Midi Clock offset


Could we please get proper midi clock offset pipes ? The Tempo Sync Delay is not really helpful, it offsets the signal in music measures but what we need is an offset control in ms which both can go from -60 to + 60 ms. It would solve a lot of issues when syncing to external gear and make this little box even more useful. Also the current sync delay is only applied when you restart the clock, it should happen in realtime, the same for the sync division.


We’ll add this to suggested features list.

Btw, the clock divider parameter changes are immediate.


Im totally behind this, ms offset positive or negative would be a game changer to remedy sync issues between hardware, would turn the midihub in to a Erm multiclock challenger! Hope this can be done : - )


I hope this clock offset will be implemented

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Has there been any progress on this ? Cheers

Any progress or update on this guys ?

How about using the delay pipe. You can delay CCs transforming into notes and back. Pretty much can delay everything down to 1ms. I haven’t fully played with the this but you can also transform clock messages so if you wanted a delayed clock, transform clock to note, delay, transform note to clock and route.

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