Nothing works after update

I have try with Rpi 3b and 4b 8gb and after the Update nothing works have flashed my sd card like 10 times now

Please be more specific, what is the exact issue you’re currently seeing :slight_smile:

I see nothing since update

No one can help?

So if you connect your pi to a monitor then power it up are you getting any startup output on the monitor?

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No, nothing to see have used ssh, vnc and hdmi nothing works anymore

It’s not much information to go on with, so you have to help us help you. :slight_smile:

Please be specific, write us the steps you do to get into the broken state, including which version of the OS image you flash to the card, the commands you run, etc…

I flashed the actual image have done the initial setup and then apt update upgrade after that its broken

What if you don’t run apt update upgrade? There really shouldn’t be any need to run an upgrade. The kernel is old and custom and the rest that is needed should be installed up to date when you activate the modules.

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When i dont update upgrade i cant install the Modules and use and also not the rt kernel

What modules are you trying to install?

Only modep, i want to use it like a multi effect pedal for my guitar

Now i have tried to install modep on raspbian lite, with Rpi 4b 8GB is no problem but with 3b i dont get a connection to the server but everything should work, the services all active(running) both raspberrys have the same setup

Check out Troubleshooting - MODEP Documentation, look into the logs of the services and see if there’s anything up.

In the logs are nothing special everything should be fine, all services are active(running) but on the 3b i cant connect and with 4b it works with no problem both raspberrys have the same its a clean realtimepi image with only modep installed.

If you connect a monitor/keyboard/mouse to the 3b and open the web browser can you navigate to http://localhost? If so, you might want to make sure the 3b is connected to the same wifi network as the device you’re using to try and connect to the 3b.

It is in the same network but i dont have a web browser its lite version and i couldnt connect via ssh and test the services without a working connection

It’d still be a good idea to upload them here for other to take a look, more eyes may be able to spot something. :slight_smile:

Looks like mod-host may be failing to run. What is the output of systemctl status modep-mod-host and journalctl -u modep-mod-host?

and jack