Mapped controllers suddenly unmapped


Have anybody else had a problem with mapped controllers that suddenly becomes unmapped in midihub editor? It seems random?

When I get time I will try to replicate what I was doing to see of I have done something weird or if it’s a bug.

There’s a Edit → Clear All Mappings which does that, but if it happened randomly, we’re very interested if you or someone else knows how to reproduce.

Also keep in mind that you must store the preset in device’s memory after the mappings have been done, so they remain after power cut too. (All the editing happens in ‘RAM’ until it’s stored in persistent memory)

No all the mappings were not deleted. Actually I mapped intervals and some of them (like 1st, 2nd and 7th) became unmapped after storing them on midihub.

Still haven’t got the chance to reproduce, so I get back to you later.

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