Map scale presets

I was just wondering why the scale preset parameter within the scale remap is not mappable…
-edit- To my understanding, that’s no preset, it’s just inernal macro to the editor.any chances u can make it internal to the unit?
also, I’d be pleased to cycle between different pipe elements, with one mapped cc but apparently I can’t ,with the current mapping settings

Hey, we’ll note down your suggestion.

What do you mean by ‘cycle between different pipe elements, with one mapped cc’?

my desire was to turn on selected modules via the mapping functions through one single cc. In order to do so, I’d need the possibility to assign ac “validity” parameter, such a “range” for example:
module (a) - activated by ch2, cc 34, val. 0-35
module (b) - activated by ch2, cc 34, val. 36-60
module © - activated by ch2, cc 34, val. 61-100
and why not
module (d) - activated by ch2, cc 34, val. 50-127 (overlapping)

I thought that I could obtain that behaviour by a hidden menu , but there wasn’t any, or by using translated cc’s from “range” pipes, but to my understanding, the mapping function is prior and independent to any pipes, so that wasn’t working (probably it would through a midi loopback, but I doubt I 'd like to go down that route=
I’d be ENORMOUSLY happy to see that little range menu included in the mapping function! (similarly to what happens in Ableton’s mapping) that would be the simplest way
i hope that it 's feasible, and waiting for your response!
In the meanwhile, thanks for the wonderful job done until now
Sincerely, Enrico


Just got a Midihub and being able to map scale presets is one of the key missing features I’d love to see too!


Another up vote for mapping of scale presets.

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Another vote for mappable Preset within the Scale Remap!

I love it how it works in Microtuning pipe, where I can browse through the tunings with the turn of a knob on a controller.

Yes @insomnia (welcome to Midihub, btw!) , as the original poster said

Midihub doesn’t at present store the preset position, AFAIcanSee – Editor derives it from the data in the patch about the degrees.

I have seen limited workarounds for performance set-ups (changing between a few chosen preset Scale Remaps via mappings) but not to the extent of being able to dial in any one of the 30+ pre-defined scales.