Limiter - Note Range

Anyone know if its possible to limit note range? i have a fantastic midi programme and idea to try but ive hit a stumbling block here :frowning:.

I have created a sequencer mapped to my PC12 controller and this sends information to my synths. I want to be able to link my Rytm but the Rytm only responds to midi info from -C2 - -C1. i have this all working fine but once i leave this octave range its no good. I need a limiter of some sort that can bring any high octaves values back down to the -C2 - -C1 range.

I know of a way that it can be done but it involves WAAAY too many pipes. Suggestions?


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Midihub newbie here.
This is the most minimal way I can think of doing it:


Each note remap maps an octave to the lower range. Midihub uses C4 = note 60 so your C-2 on rytm is actually equivalent to C-1 on midihub. Unfortunately I don’t think you can map all the octaves together. This example just goes up to C5 but you get the idea.

I have not tested this! If this doesn’t work I would probably filter each octave and transpose them in separate pipes. The software is young and I hope many kinds of processes will become simpler, but at this stage I wouldn’t hesitate to implement something a bit more lengthy if it gets the results I want.

octave_limiter.mhp (98 Bytes)

Hey, the Note Remaps discard the note events that are outside of input range, so stacking them won’t work. I think we could add a new parameter to it though to allow keeping the out-of-input-range events. :slight_smile:

Btw, the Middle C standard can be changed in the editor. :slight_smile:

Here’s an outside the box idea :slight_smile: Using harmonizer to generate 8 notes, each one octave lower, and note range filter to keep only the bottom octave.

Octave lock.mhp (65 Bytes)