Limit to amount of midi maps?

Is there a limit to the amount of midi mapping you can have set up to a controller ?

I am at a point where midi mapping no longer works unless I unmap another parameter.

The current limit is 256 mappings. Did you really reach it? :thinking:

You may send me your .mhp file via PM so I can look into it, whether there’s any other possible issue happening.

Yes, That sounds about right,
My use case is 4 midi channels coming in Midi A and I have set up 3 pipes for each of these channels to go out on midi B,C and usb A.
I had added a chance, Harmonized & Delay module to each of these 12 pipes but have run out of mapping before I was able to map them all.
My plan was to have them all set on bypass then when I needed to use any of them, I would be able to activate them quickly and set the parameters with my controller rather than having to load the software.

Is it a limitation of the device or could more mappings be made available?

The device does have limited memory available, so we must manage the sizes of memory areas, you are the first to reach the mapping limits. :slight_smile: I’ll send you a custom test build to try out with rearranged limits.

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Wow!! that’s a lot of mappings…and 256 is a good limit, I think.

I have one preset that reach half with 16X8 (all 127 CC for that matter…)
But it’s not that hard going with separate MIDI Ch.

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Many thanks for this, I will try this over the weekend.

Yes 256 is a lot, In my case it’s more about a quick workflow in having things ready to go, so if I want to add a modual to the pipe it’s already mapped and can be added or bypassed with a quick turn of a knob.