Can we add note values to the Limiter Modifier?

I’d like to map a controller to limit the lower and upper note range limit, so that it can be narrowed or widened during a performance. I know I can use the range filter pipe, but that is not useful for changing the range during a performance. Is there a reason note values can’t easily be added to the limiter modifier?

(I also thought about transforming my notes into CC, limiting, and then transforming back, but I would like to retain the scale quantizing from my sequencer and don’t want to have to rescale inside Midihub)

Might depend on how you want to do this “narrowing or widening”.
If say, you’re able use two faders, you could use a couple of mapped Transforms:

  • one which replaces Note#0~Note#m by Note#m
  • the other replaces Note#n~Note#127 by Note#n
    with n & m set by your faders. Everything which fits within your range goes through unhindered

If that doesn’t suit, I’d suggest posting a support request with a bit more detail on your proposed set up; my hunch is that Giedrius will have a solution from the currently available pipes!

PS. Above assumes you want ‘clipped to fit’ rather than ‘discard’ or ‘send somewhere else to transpose’. Adapt accordingly…


Thanks for the idea, that may be the solution, hopefully I can try it out later today.

Specifically, I want to map Midi Fighter Twister encoders to control the Low and High thresholds of the sequence range. Seems like what you described should do the trick!

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Yep should work. As long as you have the Transforms set to Replace.
Screen Shot 2022-09-12 at 17.48.21

Have fun!