MIDI channel redirection based on note range

I have had the wonderful hub for a few days. Have it set as a basic pass-thru: A in-> A Out etc.

What I would like to do on A Out for example is have note in a certain range coming in from a certain channel on A In be mapped to another channel on A Out than they are coming in on.

A In receives note C0 to C2 on channel 1 and sends them on A Out Channel 2 but if it receives note in C#2 to C4 on channel 1 it sends to A Out Channel 3.

Use case is that I have an Aurturia KeyStep Pro which can send on 4 channels but I have a couple of multi-timbral synths I want to send sequencing data to and effectively get a handful more channels out of the KSP with using this technique, I guess I’d probably want to know how to transpose as well so those notes C0 to C2 I can have going to the multi-timbral synth as say C2 to C4 notes as well. With a few other control options to go along with this I could even then implement maybe some dynamic octave shifting as a more complicated option.

Any help appreciated - just a little lost on how this software itself works for something like this.

What would the visual of this look like?

Hi, check this out:


Keyboard Channel Split.mhp (134 Bytes)

The Note Remap pipe does both, discarding notes outside of the defined In range, and remaps what’s left to the desired Out range.

Thank you! Trying it out shortly