Note Remap - individual notes, not range

Hi all,

Is it possible to have one modifier that can remap multiple single notes? Note remap only allows a range of notes, so in order to do what I want to do I would have to have multiple pipes for each note I want to change, and then I’m worried they will cancel each other out as notes outside each range will be discarded. I don’t have my Midihub yet - so haven’t actually tried this. Nonetheless one modifier for multiple single notes would be ideal.


Hey, how many notes would you want to be remapped?

Currently, you’d place multiple parallel pipelines, so the ranges don’t cancel each other out or affect the results unexpectedly.

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I was hoping to remap the sequencer output from one drum machine to another drum module), so it would be 11 individual notes, as follows:


I thought about running them in parallel (i.e. 11 separate pipes) using the same from and to ports but wouldn’t the current Note Remap modifier end up cancelling some of these out?

Thank you

On each parallel line, the same input gets processed, so each pipeline would work only with their range, discard the notes outside of it.

Of course having a single pipe capable of multiple single-note mappings would be more convenient for such use cases. :slight_smile: We’ll think about adding something for that.

But it’s possible to achieve what you’re after with the Note Remap pipes in parallel.

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Fantastic! Thank you for confirming that - can’t wait to receive my Midihub on Monday.

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