KeyStep Pro Drum Track multiple Midi Devises

I would like to split the Drum Track of the Keystep pro into multiple Midi Chanels with special Notes.

could you help me please to get this setup on Midihub. I am hanging at the moment and come not further. I thought Noteremap does it for me.
Thanks for your help or Ideas how I can solve this problem.

Hey, yes, you should use multiple horizontal pipelines all looking pretty much the same, and have Note Remap to remap notes to the required values, add Channel Remap, if it’s necessary, and send it to the appropriate output.

One thing to be aware of is different ‘middle C’ standard used by different devices which you might have to compensate. Also make sure the current octave setting on the keyboard device is at its initial value. The note display standard used in the editor can be switched via View → Note Value Display menu. You can always enter exact MIDI note number too, even though the display of value is note name.

Could you show us the preset you have so far?

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Thanks that helped me a lot!!!

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