Need help with some MIDI pipe routing

Hi all!

Off the top I have to say the Midihub is an amazing piece of gear and has really opened up a slew of variation for my synths, so thank you!

I’m trying to get my Keystep 37 to use Channel 1 to play polyphony on a couple of mono synths, Channel 2 on another set of synths etc. but I’m stuck on how to get the routing done right. Hope to get some help if it can be done at all! Cheers!

Hi, you should simply place something similar like:

[From MIDI A] -> [Filter out all but Channel 1] -> [Dispatcher using ch1, 2 and 3] -> [To Virtual A]
[From Virtual A] -> [Remap channel 1 to whatever first synth is listening to] -> [To MIDI A]
[From Virtual A] -> [Remap channel 2 to whatever second synth is listening to] -> [To MIDI B]
[From Virtual A] -> [Remap channel 3 to whatever third synth is listening to] -> [To MIDI C]
[From MIDI A] -> [Filter out all but Channel 2] -> … -> [To Virtual B or something else]

Assuming Keystep37 out is connected to MIDI IN A.

You could daisy chain the mono synths with THRU ports if they have them, then you could send all to MIDI OUT A on Midihub, and configure the synths to listen to channels 1, 2, 3, as needed.

That’d be the general idea, let me know if you have any questions. :slight_smile:

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I’d go the initial way you suggested; the midi is going to an Expert Sleepers ES-3 and from there to Eurorack VCO’s. I’ll give it a try, thanks Giedrius!

The other thing I’m wondering: I have Ports B to D being used for clocking and other routings; theoretically, as long as the Channel Remap pipes are set up accordingly and the Keystep is sending out the appropriate midi channel, I should be able to use Port A solely right? I think I’ve worded this right. Right? :joy:

Yes, a single port can be used to output up to 16 channels of notes. So as long as you configure the synths to listen to the correct channels, it should be alright. Channel Remap pipes would not be even necessary then, you could just make the Dispatcher pipe to send the notes to the appropriate channel set.


I appreciate the help my friend. Cheers!

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