Preserve Midi notes with Circuit Tracks and scale/key feature

Hi there,

I have the MidiHub and it’s a great pleasure to use it everytime !
However I’m facing to a limitation and wondering if someone could help, here is my question/issue:

It’s related to Circuit Tracks too, so that would be great if someone has expertise on both of this (MidiHub & Circuit Tracks)
A drum machine (Roland HPD 15) is mapped on channel 3 for MIDI 1 track of the Circuit Tracks through MidiHub.
I create a quick sequence on this MIDI 1 track.
Now when I change the scale it will change the notes of the drum machine !

Let say I am in C minor with hi-hat and kicks and when I switch to a different scale/key from the circuit track the drum pattern is modified: my Hi-Hat becomes Cymbals for example.

Is there a way to keep the notes of a dedicated MIDI channel even if we change event like scale/key through the Circuit Tracks ?
Quick video that shows the issue

Any insights welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you mean you want to have an ‘original’ note stream, and another one affected by scale processing within Circuit Tracks?

Hi Giedrus,

Thanks for your answer.
I’d like to maintain the note range for that given midi Channel 3.
Changing scale or root key produces a shift of the drum notes, if I could keep them in place that would be great :slightly_smiling_face:

Is the Scale on Circuit Tracks a global settings affecting all channels?

Yes. Circuit Tracks has 8 Tracks, the first 4 are dedicated for Synth/Midi and the scale/key changes affect them as a global setting.
The 4 others tracks are for drums and works with internal samples, so they are not affected by this scale/key changes.

I don’t think Midihub can know what is the currently selected scale on Circuit Tracks, so it can’t map the notes back to the original ones. If you use only one scale though, you could try and set up a Scale Remap on Midihub to do the inverse mapping. Switching between multiple scales would be tricky.

Do the drum tracks send MIDI? If so, you could turn off or mute any of the internal drumkit sounds on that channel, and send MIDI notes to an external device instead, if necessary, Midihub could remap the channel number.

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Thanks for your help and advises ! I will do some tests with the drum tracks instead.

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