Transform channel based on the note?

I have a Korg Volca Sample 2, and I’ve now learned that Korg has hard-code the MIDI channels. Each of the 10 samples is set to a specific channel (1 through 10)

I want to be able to send different notes from my DAW, an have the notes map to a specific sample in the Volca. For example, I send a C on to MIDIhub, and it sends it out on channel 1. I send a D, and MIDIhub sends it out on channel 2

I’ve been trying to see how this could be done, but so far all I’ve seen are options to change a note to another note, or a channel to another channel.

Is there a way to change the channel based on the given note?

Hey, you should have multiple horizontal pipelines for each note transformation you want to do. Each line would have a Note Range Filter to keep just the C (or C’s of multiple octaves, if you set its “Ranges” property to for example C1, C2, C3, C4, C5). The pipe will only pass through particular notes, then you should just place a Channel Remap to set the correct channel, and send it to output.


Ah! Thanks so much. I will try this.

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For anyone else who runs into this, I’ve set up a series of pipelines like so (I’m running a USB-to-MIDI-DIN into C from my PC, and routing the messages out through C to the Sample 2. My DAW is set to send on ch 11. This is arbitrary but I’m already using 1-6 for other synths):

FROM C → CH filter (only allow ch 11) → Note range filter (only accept C3) → CH remap (remap output to ch 1) → TO C → Volca Sample

I repeat this for each of the 10 sample slots on the Volca: B3 → ch2, D3 → ch3, etc.

So far so good : )

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