1 midi in - 2 midi out / 1 knob = midi splitter controlled by the knob

hey hey! so i am sure i can do this but i think i am overthinking it and now i confused myself. what i want is to send my midi out of my keystep37 into midi in A, and then send it back out of A and B, but i want to be able to have one knob control what notes go to each output. ideally, i want to be able to use the knob to control the split point between which notes go to midi out A and B. if i bank the knob all the way left, then all the incoming notes go to midi out A for instance, and banked all the way right they all go to midi out B, and if i put the knob at noon then approx 1-64 go to the A out and 65-127 go to the B out. make sense? i can do this pretty easy i think with 2 separate knobs but i am trying to minimize number of knobs needed in my setup so doing this on one knob would rule. i am guessing i need some sort of inverter or maybe not?

Hey, try this:


MIDI Note Split.mhp (408 Bytes)

Map your knob to In High and Out High on first Note Remap and In Low and Out Low on the other Note Remap. The Transpose pipes do -1 and +1 to make sure to pass through to only one output at the split point.

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going to try this out this weekend! thank you. should probably. the transpose up and down 1 is something i did not even really think of. will report back.

next up if this works i am going to try and make a single knob do the same sort of thing but the notes are spread out in some manner between each side in some sort of pattern maybe? not sure how i wanna go. basically what i am doing is taking clock from someone else live and making non drum and synced looper oriented loops stuff with arpeggios and what not with like 2 synths and i am trying to create fun ways to send the notes from my keystep and its arps into the midihub and then spread them out to the 2 synths. fun stuff. thank you again. should work. will report back.

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