Changing selected pitches

Hello Giedrius,

Just bought the midihub and already love all the possibilities!
Could you kindly help me out with 2 technicals challenges?

  1. My chain is as follows:
    usb keyboard - midihost - midihub - MOOG TaurMini
    There is no midi signal passing through from my midihub to the MOOG.
    Which setting have I overlooked?

  2. I am using a small USB keyboard and because of playability I want to change 2 of the 12 keys.
    scale note #12 (note B) should become a Bb (#11) and scale note #13 (note C) should become a B (#12).
    Could you pl guide me how to achieve this changes?

Your help will be much appreciated!

many thanks


Hi, you have to make sure the MIDI host computer is forwarding the USB MIDI keyboard to one of Midihub’s ports, and put in the appropriate [FROM USB X] -> [TO MIDI Y] pipes in the preset when connected to the device with the editor.

For key remap - you can use the SC REMAP pipe, but it works with up to 12 notes in a scale, 13th note would be out of bounds. To get the 12th note to be the same as 11th, modify the “VII” degree to map to “VI#”:

For the 13th note, it could be tricky to do, because I assume the exact note number depends on which octave the keyboard is currently on - Midihub does not have access to this information, so some creative solution would be required.

Hello Giedrius,
thank you so much for your advice. Its a shame the midihub cant access more than one octave. Maybe something to try and tackle for the next updates?
I have followed your advice and transposed the notes in the scale. Please see screenshot of the pipe attached. Which leads me to the next challenge. As you see I have transposed Note 1 to Note 5, 1# to 6, …etc
I would like these notes 5,6,7 to be in the octave below. Is there a way to transpose them down an octave, without transposing everything else down as well?

Thank you very much - again your support is much appreciated!
Screen Shot 2021-02-20 at 10.21.00

You can also use Note Remap pipe to remap absolute ranges of notes around. The scale remap pipe is more meant for swapping around notes within a up-to-12 note scale, or ensuring the close, but incorrect, keys get mapped to the closest correct note in key.