Editor not recognizing MIDI data

Hi all,

I am encountering a strange bug with Midihub Editor. I am able to transmit MIDI through all DIN ports on the midihub, however the Editor on my laptop does not appear to be receiving any MIDI info. I am still able to control Ableton with my Keystep 37 so I know that my computer is still transmitting MIDI, and the Midihub itself seems to be processing DIN midi fine however any USB functionality seems to have been lost. Has anyone else encountered this? I just re-installed Editor and device firmware to no avail, and am even able to update Midihub patches over USB but have not been able to map any Midihub settings via MIDI control and am not getting anything showing up in the MIDI monitor. Hoping somebody has some insight that may help here!

Did a bit more troubleshooting and it seems that Editor is recognizing midi data coming from my Keystep 37, but not from my Midifighter Twister. Even when routing through an Ableton midi channel, Editor is not picking up on any data coming from the Midi fighter. Anyone else use the twister in conjunction with midihub who may be able to chime in here?

How did you set up the routing in Ableton? Could you post a screenshot of the Mixer with the I/O section open as well as a screenshot of MIDI Preferences with everything connected up?