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Hey there,
Am I missing out on something or is there no way that the midihub is reading the BPM off my clock giving device?

In my case I want to have a dedicated arp pipeline (which needs clock to work) to be turned on and off if needed. Right now it seems like the only way to have it in sync is to manually type in the BPM in the clock pipe. Start, Stop messages come from my digitakt on MIDI A. IN the end I want to be able to also use it without my computer. Mapping the BMP Parameter is no option for me, since its now fiddely to adjust for every new project I’m working on.

Is there a workaround to make either the arp listen to BPM from a device or to make the clock listen to an external clock?

Would be a mayor improvement for the workflow. Maybe it needs another update? :wink:
Looking forward to your hints and tips to make this work.
All Best,

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Place the Arpeggiator pipe into one of the Virtual pipelines, send clock from BPM generator, and external device to the virtual pipeline. Map the Bypass parameters of TO VIRTUAL N pipes that send the clock, to turn the clock passthrough on and off.

At the moment you’ll need to map 2 controls, to control each individually, but in a future update we might see it togglable using a single control.

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Thank you very much!
That helped a lot already, sometimes seemingly not totally in sync but the tempo and tempo changes are received properly.
Have a good day :slight_smile: