Advice about BPM/Clock usage

This might not be the correct forum, but I’m hoping to get some insight and advice on how people are using the Clock, and specifically setting the BPM when MIDIHub is the Master? I’m thinking specifically about applications where you have a live set of, say, 10 tracks.

I understand the initial BPM can be set and saved as a preset, but we only have 8, so you couldn’t have a Master for each song at different tempi.

I know the value can be mapped to a CC input, but with no visual feedback on the current tempo it’s hard to use this to adjust to a specific value (although I suspect there may be a more clever use of this that I haven’t realised…hoping someone has come up with an idea!).

Generally, I was just hoping to open a bit of a dialogue in how people are using MH as a Master with respect to setting specific tempi.

Don’t know what other gear you have…
Tap Tempo from a pedal (forget for now to what device it could be connected to)
this would be suffice to manage tempo changes between Songs - even no visual feedback needed?
It has been suggested on this forum to use the MH rear button to be used as Tap Tempo…

Other ideas:
example - an IOS device or Android? can be made Tempo Master and give you visual feedback

Explain a bit your setup @JJ90

Hi Keyman,

The setup is quite fluid with lots of other gear coming in and out. I suppose some mainstays would be a Roland FA07 and a Roland SPD-SX.

The Tap Tempo feature is great for more flexible applications but I’m afraid in my case I’d be looking to switch between 10 (or more) exactly defined tempi. As I say, the first 8 are easily achieved with presets, then I’m stuck!

Can you expand on your IOS to Android suggestion please? I’m not sure I understand.

One idea I’ve had is to send program change data from some device, then use some Pipes in the Editor along with Virtual Input routing to trigger different Clocks based on the PC input. This would work (I think) but I guess would require foreknowledge of all your tracks - i.e. you couldn’t easily integrate a new track into this setup on the fly.

As I say, I’m really just kicking around some ideas at this point, and curious as to how others are using this feature.

Why not the Roland SPD-SX as Master Tempo?

Sorry about the typo… I meant to write OR - iOS or Android device.

yep! think we all are, with this new MH (MidiHub) device.
Besides having an iPhone with some app storing BPM… maybe a rPi? or a Norns? (Fates) or Organelle (sure all those with a 5Pin Din MIDI interface) cant think of other ways…

User @WeirdHub found a nice way could be use to your advantage :wink:
I have also created a preset that shows this.


Very helpful guys, thank you so much @Keyman and @WeirdHub!

I appreciate it. Great insight.


Having thought about it, this solution is probably the best way to do it.

My original plan was to have a “dummy Master” (a device which sets the tempo of the clock but is NOT the clock), for reasons that aren’t relevant right now.

But in order to do this, the device would need to be capable of sending out some integer value and MIDIHub software would need to be capable of reading/accepting this value. Neither of those things can happen so I think, in our current version of things, setting a precise tempo “on the fly”, which has not been pre-determined and programmed in the Editor, is impossible when using MIDIHub as the Master.

I think…but really, WeirdHub’s solution is perfect for 99% of use cases.


In my setup I use a Roland FA-08 as master clock. The numeric display is handy the adjust the BPM. It is easy to filter out just the clock signal with the Filter-block and distribute it to all outputs of the Midihub.

If you want to use Midihub as master clock, the ‘BPM’ field of this block can be mapped via midi-learn to any controller attached to the Midihub. If you use something with enough programmable pads, and set each pad to the same controller number but different controller values, this should generate the different clock rates within the Midihub. The controller values 0…127 are mapped to BPM 30…284, so some simple math is needed to find the correct controller values.