How MidiHub can receive beat clock from the DAW to sync?

How can MidiHub receive the beat clock from the DAW to sync?
I want to make the arpeggiator synchronize with the Pro Tools tempo. But I’m having a hard time doing that.

Hey, make sure your DAW is configured to send clock and possibly other transport messages to Midihub. You should place a FROM USB X, select it, and verify that you’re seeing non-0 BPM value in the MIDI Monitor pane of the editor. If you do, then the DAW is set up correctly to send the master clock to Midihub.

The next step is to make both the MIDI notes and the start & clock messages reach the Arpeggiator pipe. If you’re sending notes from your DAW, then it’s easy, place it like this:

FROM USB X → Filter (keep only note on, note off, start, clock, stop) → Arp → TO USB/MIDI X

If you want to use master clock from a DAW, and notes from another input, you have to use a virtual bus, do it like this:

FROM USB XFILTER (keep only start, clock, continue, stop) → TO VIRTUAL A

FROM USB/MIDI YFILTER (keep only note on, note off) → TO VIRTUAL B



The virtual bus A is dedicated to the sync messages. The virtual bus B is for providing notes, as well as sync messages, merged into a single stream, and sent to an output port.

The MIDI stream merging and virtual buses are explored in a bit more depth in the How To’s section: How-To's - Blokas Community

Also check out how to use Arpeggiator with Midihub’s internal clock: Arpeggiator not work - #2 by Giedrius

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Thanks, Giedrius.
In the first part, ok looks like it is working. I see the BPM as in Pro Tools. (135 in this case)

But then later I did this, and it is not working—no midi rhythmic repetition to the vst.
Screenshot 2023-03-21 at 1.03.33 AM

I’m sending notes by pressing my MIDI keyboard to Midihub via USB Port A and the Hub connected to my Mac.

Are you seeing BPM in Midi Monitor?

From MIDI A, no.
I just see in the 1st pipeline. FROM USB A until FILTER.

Filter (tick means ‘filter out’):

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The Arp line in the screenshot should be using FROM VIRTUAL B instead, so it is receiving both, the MIDI notes and the MIDI clock.

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I’m sorry, but still no results. This connection doesn’t even trigger notes.

It’s because you’re filtering out your Clock (& Transport messages), Eduardo.
(see my prev post)

See here

…you can see the BPM…
…but at the next pipe…
Screen Shot 2023-03-21 at 17.52.07
…the BPM is zero, cos the Clock’s now filtered.

Click Invert in the Filter panel and try again :wink:.

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BINGO! Thank you so much!!! I’m new to MIDIHub, so I’ve learned the lesson!
Now is working!
All the best!

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Very pleased for you, I could sense the frustration!

If it’s any consolation, I still have to think twice about what those ticks mean in Filter pipes:
it’s like those doors with signs that say “Push” but the handle makes you want to “Pull”.

Have fun with your Midihub!

PS. if you’ve got the time, try working through the tutorials in New To Midihub