Syncing to external clock

I use the arpeggio function and it works fine when I insert a clock as master, but how do I sync the arpeggio to my Beatstep Pro clock?
I can’t find any settings for syncing on incoming clock or MIDI Time Code?

You should get the clock messages coming frmo the Beatstep Pro to pass through the ARP pipe. Could you show us the preset you have so far, and what ports are connected to which device?

This is the patch with clock included. I have tried the same patch just removing the clock as well.
I use it to create arppegiated chords from my Bass to MIDI converter. I have a filter that blocks incoming notes so if I hold a pedal I can play over the arpeggio without the arpeggio changing when I play new notes on the bass.

Midihub 2021.01.07 16.00.02 (Preset 2).mhp (213 Bytes)

Port A is connected to my Sonuus B2M, bass to MIDI converter.
Port B is connected to mio10 from iConnectivity. My Beatstep Pro is connected to mio10 via USB and routed to DIN output 8 that is connected to Port B on my Midihub.

I think I solved it now by routing Port B (the one with the MIDI clock) to the same virtual pipeline as Port A (the one with the notes being arpeggiated).