CC LFO Rate Min/Max

Is there a way to set a min & max on the CC LFO Rate? I see it can be mapped which I would like to use, but the range is far too large to my use. Alternatively, can the incoming mapped value be limited?

This thread is very close to a solution but only modifies the output, rather than the rate. Do you have any suggestion or is it possible to add rate min & rate max fields?

I think you’re trying to rescale the frequency (as opposed to amplitude in prev thread), correct?

If so here’s what I just did:

  1. my control MIDi in is coming into MIDIA (>mA)
  2. I unplug that temporarily and replug it to >mD
  3. Now I map the freq of my LFO to say CC14ch2
  4. I now replug >mA but also patch a cable out (say MIDIA out = mA>) to >mD
  5. I put a rescale in place >mA ~ Rescale(CCid14; (0,127)->(0,64)) ~ mA>
  6. then the CC range that enters mD (and is mapped to LFO rate) is clamped to 0-64
  7. in this example, when the Rescale is bypassed the rate is (1/32T - 16bars), Rescale active gives (1/32T - 1/2T)

Hope this makes sense; I just fudged it up from an existing patch. Let me know if not and I’ll roll you a fresh one!

IMO, this solves the issue if your LFO is BPM synced. I’d still like to see your min/max implemented for Hz freqs though, so that “clamping” could give a finer resolution (actually I need to check this last point)

Lastly, Best wishes to all at Blokas in these worrying times.

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