Clock divider question

Hi fellows, can you help me out, should be simple…

I want my midiclock/tempo to be dividable with the help of a fader sending on CC#81.
When mapping the the fader to the “Divide by” ot the “Tempo Div” module it sends out 0-127, causing far to many unwanted large devisions.
How can I limit the incoming values to a range that only causes divisions 1-8, while using the whole fader length?

Unfortunately, Midihub mappings are not currently scaleable.
This means you have two options,

  • use a physical-loopback to receive the incoming CC81, Rescale it to 1-8, send it back out to be picked up as a mapping on it’s return
  • investigate whether your controller can be configured to limit the range actually sent

Some involve DIN-DIN others USB-USB. All involve sacrificing an in&out, so if you can do it within a ctller that’s better.
Search “loopback” in recent posts and you’ll find several ranging from simple to tricky. Let me know if you can’t find a simple Rescale quickly…