CC LFO Free Rate and BPM Rate behave INVERS


I have not seen that this topic has been covered yet, but Im sure Im not the only one:
CC LFO Rate WITHOUT bpm sync: small values mean slow rate and high values mean high rate.
BUT CC LFO Rate WITH bpm sync: small values mean high rate and high values mean slow rate.

If the rate parameter is mapped to an external dial it behaves invers depending on the BPM sync check mark which is very confusing.

Just have one of the two (probably with bpm sync) behave invers.

Thank you very much in advance!

Good point :slight_smile: Any particular preferences in the community for which way round the parameters should go?

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I vote:
Small = low rate


Rate is periods per time, so low value means slow LFO.

Just adding my view … and its the same as everyone else, i.e. I think a low cc value should mean that the LFO has a slow rate :slight_smile:

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