Question on the resolution of the CC LFO

Another quick question as I’m looking at running the LFO when at low rates. Think of this for making slowly moving filter sweeps in ambient music.

  • Took me a moment to understand the relation between resolution (how fine-grained the steps of your LFO is) and LFO rate (how fast your LFO cycles). Makes sense though.
  • The UI changes the values I enter for the LFO rate: the UI changes the entry to a long decimal. E.g. I type in 0.1 but the value 0.0996094 is displayed. Not a big issue, just confusing at first :slight_smile:
  • Another observation: inspecting the generated CC values in MIDI Monitor it looks like the resolution settings for 64Hz and 128Hz aren’t changing the number of CC values generated. At a 0.1Hz frequency (i.e. measuring over 10s) I get roughly 252 samples at both 64Hz and 128Hz, and not double at the higher frequency. I do see that I get fewer samples (i.e. a coarser LFO resolution) at 8Hz and 16Hz as you’d expect.


The CCs are produced at the given fixed resolution. In case the frequency of LFO wave is low, it won’t regenerate CC value if the value hasn’t changed yet since the last sample. I think if you run the same sample count test, and set higher LFO rate, you should get different counts of CC values produced.

The precision is a bit limited for some parameters, so all of them can fit in memory, they get rounded to the nearest exactly representable value given their precision.