After installing modep zero plugin

Hello, i am new to the community, i just installed for my first time patchbox os with modep.
The problem is that no plugin is displayed (whether in all the patchstorages of the web interface)
How to do ?

@Tonkastu, welcome to the community! Just to be sure, is the device you use to browse the MODEP web interface connected to the internet?

Thank you for your quick response. No, this one only has access to the local network, however the raspberry has internet access.

For the Patchstorage integration to work, the browser must have access to the internet. :wink:

oh okay thank you very much for your answer, I did not know :sweat_smile:

@Pranciskus that’s good to know! I honestly thought the Pi had to be connected to the internet to download plugins from Patchstorage!

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