[Bug] My Plugins Not Listed

So tonight I was going to download the plugins I compiled and uploaded to Patchstorage so I could make sure they were working. When I clicked on “Not Installed” no plugins were listed. There were 2 earlier tonight (the RECORD and the IR Convolver) and I installed those. None of the plugins I uploaded were listed. Does the Patchstorage integration in MODEP only look for plugins uploaded by patchbot?

I will investigate this asap.

EDIT: The issue has been identified, the patch is coming soon. :wink:

The update is live! Just run apt update && sudo apt install -y modep-mod-ui

updates modep and unfortunately no new plugins are listed (115 installed from patchstorage) also I cant update the recorders or the gain plugins that show up in the outdated tab.

Try doing a hard reload in the browser, (press Ctrl+F5), check if it helps.

i had shut down both computers, now that i rebooted both it works, so i guess hard reload works too.

updating plugins doesnt work still, but remove and reinstall does.

Do you get a specific error when updating a plugin? Alert box? Please provide more info.

box saying that the plugin isnt compatible with my system

Check the logs: Troubleshooting - MODEP Documentation

the hard reload worked

I managed to recreate the issue. We will release a fix tomorrow. Thanks for reporting this!

The update is live! :wink:

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