Lv2 Plugins Missing on first run of MODEP

I’ve read that Patchbox OS comes preinstalled with plugins for use in MODEP to construct a pedal board, but none appear in the GUI web browser. I cd to the directory to where they should be, but no Lv2 directory is present. Does this mean I’ll have to make a Lv2 directory and install the plugins manually?

Run sudo apt install modep. Somehow the module installation is incomplete on your system.

This worked thanks. BTW (by the way), is there a checksum available for the patchbox os image file for data integrity?

SHA-256: cb87ad4b8cf1de29a3ac12e577dba9110ca9dc09de28b2f3f8a7c62a042c7230

I don’t think there’s an issue with the image integrity.