Local plugin import

Hi there!! I wonder how to import plugins to modep locally, without patchstorage. Is there a way to do so localy?

Just put the plugins in /var/modep/lv2 folder and restart the services or reboot the system.

sudo systemctl restart modep-mod-ui modep-mod-host jack

I had used SSH to transfer the plugins to my Pi 4B, so I had to run the following commands as well in order for them to show up in MODEP:

sudo chown -R modep:modep /var/modep/lv2
sudo chmod -R 775 /var/modep/lv2
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Is there a way to add a basic interface to my plugin as it is not available?

You can look up the following page to learn how to make your own MOD GUI:

Although here are a few repos I found that have MOD GUIs built created for some plugins that aren’t available in Patchstorage. You can try looking through them.

Which plugin is it BTW?

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