No Effects and Intruments in MODEP after my fresh PatchboxOS installation

Hi community !!!
After having set-up and used Modep for one month i get an unexplained experience when i install new Patchbox OS on my RPi4B

I can connect to MODEP interface via Chrome but it shows everything empty : No LV2 plug-ins (effects(0), instruments(0), …).

I tried to find LV2 repertory in my hard disk in vain.

I have made a backup of all my old Pedalboards files (when everything used to work fine) that i would like to get them in my new installation. But i only find a “default.pedalboard” repertory in “usr/mod”.

I am now completely lost … so here are 3 questions :

1 - How can i recover all the LV2 modules (effects and instruments) ? (and where are they placed in linux repertories) ?

2 - Where can i restore my old pedalboards files ?

3 - Any explanation about why do the fresh installation cancel everything usable as my previous installation used to work perfectly ? I have made 5 o 6 different SD Cards with many fresh PatchboxOS.iso files and i always get the same result : No LV2 modules !!!)

I have lost 2 monthes and i get crazy …

Thank you for your help ?

@Jerome_Pasquer welcome to the Blokas community!

So we can understand what happened in order to provide the best support, did you do a fresh Patchbox/MODEP install to a New SD card, keeping the old SD card? Or did you just update the MODEP version only?

If you did a fresh install onto a new card I’m assuming you downloaded the most recent version of Patchbox/MODEP. Depending on how old your previous install was, there have been some.changes in where the plugins are stored. By default new versions of MODEP now do not include plugins, they need to be downloaded from patch storage via the blue “P” button at the bottom of the MODEP interface.

Now for your old pedalboards: if you did a fresh install of Patchbox/MODEP over your old setup then I’m afraid you may have wiped out your old pedalboards. If you used another SD card it should be possible to copy the pedalboard folder from the old card to the new. I don’t think the pedalboard folder location has changed.

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Also check out the file tree under /var/modep/, the LV2s for use with MODEP should go in /var/modep/lv2.

/usr is for ‘read only’ stuff that users normally shouldn’t change (only APT or other package managers should ever touch this tree)

/var is for user data storage.

So many thanks to both of you, jtemple967 and Giedrius. You’ve given more than expected in your 2 answers to me !
I am a newbie on Linux but i now know that i can trust Blokas community to jump into Live Music for the first time of my long life with MODEP, 2 Pisounds and the fabulous MidiHub :star_struck: :heart_eyes:

Cheers :pray:


Yes, i’ve downloaded the recent version and, on the contrary of the old one, no LV2 plugins are installed.
But i understand why now :wink: