About Program Change (again)

Sorry to open up a new topic about this, but have no clue, even after reading every possible post on this.

I have 3 banks, with 3 pedalboards each. I’ve tried to send either Program Change or Bank Select messages on channel 16 (I read it is hardcoded for switching pedalboards), but it doesn’t work. Tried every combination of channel/message but I have no reaction on modep.

My MIDI interface is present on the MIDI ports list and I’ve been dumping messages from my device with amidi and they appear to be correct. In fact sending CCs to set effects prameters works like a charm.

Where am I going wrong?

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I saw some more code in mod-ui for this MIDI program change functionality is available after the last MODEP update was done, I’ll schedule myself some time to investigate it a bit and see how to get it working.

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Thank you @Giedrius.

Ok, I looked into this, and it seems it’s actually less working than before - the original switching presets code was removed, and the code for switching snapshots was still not quite ready at the time we updated MODEP. See these topics:

The current MODEP should roughly be based on the 1.8 version of MOD software: https://wiki.moddevices.com/wiki/Releases

We’ll look into updating it again once 1.10 is released.

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Thank you @Giedrius so it wasn’t me being dumb! :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking forward to the new version.

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same here. Have tried everything to get program changes to work. Looking forward to the update.

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