Issue in Pedalboard change using MIDI Program Change

Congrats for this amazing piece of software in the first place.

I would like some help from you guys if possible. Modep just does not respond to pedalboard changes using Midi program change on the specified channel.

I am aware of the midiChannelForPedalboardsNavigation under the /var/modep/profile5.json file
and I was even able to change snapshots and use control change messages for general purpose with success.

It seems that everything works but only pedalboard changes does not.

Does anyone has faced this issue or could help me troubleshoot this?

Thank you once again


I’m having the same problem, made a thread here:

How were you able to switch snapshots? I can’t get that working either.

I messed with the profile5.json file and this is what I discovered:
When I set it like this:

    "midiChannelForPedalboardsNavigation": 15,
    "midiChannelForSnapshotsNavigation": 14,

I can switch pedalboards from the pedalboard library (not from the banks) using a program change message sent on channel 15 (note that in the json file the midi channels are 1-16, not 0-15).
I can switch snapshots when I send a program change on channel 14.
It appears that you want to have these on separate channels so they don’t interfere with each other.

I tried to experiment with getting bank selection to work, but I had no luck…
Tried these combos:

  • CC0 0 and CC32 0
  • CC0 1 and CC32 1
  • CC0 1 and CC32 0
  • CC0 0 and CC32 1
  • CC0 1 and CC32 127

Is this functionality broken for now?