Selecting banks with MIDI

I’m having some trouble finding any documentation on how to switch pedal boards through midi. I’m using an Arturia BeatStep as my midi controller. Using the bundled configuration software I can send program changes from the BeatStep anytime I press one of the chosen buttons. I’ve included a screenshot that shows the message the buttons are supposed to send. All the top row of buttons send Program Number 0-7, and they are all on Bank LSB 0 and MSB 0. I’ve tried sending the message on the global channel, and on channel 16 (because I’ve seen some posts refer to this). Nothing seems to happen when I press the buttons.

I have created only a single bank, and I have assigned 3 pedal boards to it. Hitting the first few buttons I would assume should swap between them… First bank would be 0, and then the pedalboards would be assigned to the program change numbers. That’s my assumption because I can’t find any documentation for this. What am I doing wrong?

Edit: Also wondering, is there a way to switch snapshots with MIDI?

I’m seeing that the option for enabling and disabling this exists in mod-host:

set_midi_program_change_pedalboard_bank_channel <enable> <midi_channel>
    * set the MIDI channel which changes pedalboard banks on MIDI program change. <midi_channel> is in the range of [0,15].
    e.g.: set_midi_program_change_pedalboard_bank_channel 1 5 to enable listening for bank changes on channel 6

set_midi_program_change_pedalboard_snapshot_channel <enable> <midi_channel>
    * set the MIDI channel which changes pedalboard snapshots on MIDI program change. <midi_channel> is in the range of [0,15].
    e.g.: set_midi_program_change_pedalboard_snapshot_channel 1 4 to enable listening for preset changes on channel 5

But, when I try to run mod-host in interactive mode, and then run these commands, it simply says that the command is not found. Is it just impossible to do this in the current version? What is going on here?