Default Program Change Channel For Changing Snapshots

I can’t seem to find on what channel MODEP listens for Program change messages to change snapshots.

I found this thread where it is mentioned that pedalboard loading is on channel 16 and the default can be changed. But snapshots?

Thanks, Seth

Just bumping this as I’ve run into a dead end.

Documentation for the Mod duo states you can choose the channel in the LCD pedal menu. So obviously not in modep settings.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Theres a text config file somewhere in the user data folder where you can specify the midi channels for program change to snapshot and pedalboards. Im sorry but I can remenber the filename atm, but its pretty easy to find using winscp or shh prompt. Ive managed to get the snapshots changes working, but not the pedalboards, but the pedalboard program changes only work if you dont open the web gui, so maybe thats why I havent got it to work.

The configuration is stored in /var/modep/profile5.json.

I changed the snapshots configuration to:
“midiChannelForSnapshotsNavigation”: 15,
and it works.
A midi pc 1 selects snapshot 1 and a pc 3 selects snapshot 3

The channels can have the numbers from 1 to 16


Amazing thanks both,

So do you know what the default channel number is?

Default is 0 which means it’s not set.