Program Change on a Specific MIDI channel

is it possible to filter Program Change MIDI messages? I have a problem that MODEP reacts on all Program Change messages on all channels. I have several MIDI devices connected in series, each with its own MIDI channel. I would like MODEP to react on Program Change messages just on one specific channel.

Hey, what MODEP reactions do you mean in particular? Is it changing the current pedalboard, or something within it?

It loads non-existing pedalboard

This is original board

Maybe it just do something to the original board. I don’t know.

The MOD software is hardwired to switch pedalboards on program changes received on channel 16, and it should ignore the other channels, at least this was the experience when looking into Change Patches in Bank with es-8

Are you definitely sure that it’s reacting to other channels? Maybe there’s something else going on…

I am not sure. I will chek it later today.
But is it possible to change the MOD software so it reacts to other channel then channel 16? I use channel 16 for another MIDI device.

Change all occurences of navigationChannel = 15 to whatever number you’d like to use in /usr/local/modep/mod-ui/mod/ The 15 here actually means MIDI channel 16, so you actually have to subtract 1 from the desired MIDI channel number to get the value you need to use.

Changing the MIDI channel on other external devices may be a more convenient route and just stick to 16th channel on MOD emulator, so you don’t have to apply the same code changes in case you ever need to reinstall.

Thanx. I will try changing navigateChannel.

It works when Program Change channel is changed to 3.

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