Snapshot switching not working

Hello community!
I saved 3 snapshots in one pedalboard but I can’t switch between them neither manual nor midi,what am i doing wrong?
I selected in var/modep/jason.5 chanel 14,15, or 16 but nothing happens!

Please post the entire contents of your /var/modep/profile5.json here for us to take a look.

I can’t switch between them

It’s my sound test of Pi Sound and Modep

Does it really have a line break in the middle of midiClockSend? If so, the whole file would be invalid json, as it does not allow line breaks in the middle of strings.

Otherwise, are you sure you’re producing the Program Change messages on Channel 16? You may inspect the MIDI messages using aseqdump, similarly to as described here: Midi thru, but logging all messages - #2 by Giedrius

Sorry, it’s my mistake, I corrected it and it works! I’m not very good with linux, but I’m learning))
I love this device and sound!

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A useful thing to know when dealing with json files, as the syntax is very strict, is that you can use an editor which checks the syntax, or simply paste the json into a website like this:

That will tell whether the syntax requirements are met, and if not, point out the errors.