What am I missing?

I have installed the pedalboard OS on my Rpi, now how do I access the GUI pedalboard interface? I thought it was going to be over a web page from seeing people running it from an iPad. The Whole GUI experience with connecting pedal chains, etc.

Hi, see here: https://blokas.io/modep/docs/running-modep/

It is over the web :slight_smile: You have to use http:// with the IP of your Raspberry Pi. Or address should work, if opened from the Raspberry Pi itself.

The Pi is started, but nothing is coming up when I attempt to access the web interface.

Have you configured the sound card correctly? The Jack server must be running for MODEP to work. If using built-in 3.5mm audio jack, see the table in https://blokas.io/patchbox-os/docs/setup-wizard/ for recommended audio settings.

Got it, thanks. I set it up initially during the install, but the parameters were probably wrong.

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