Newbie question

Hi, i am just installed my MODEP in to my raspi 3, i have a few questions

  1. anyone have tested it with fake guitar link from china? not from behringer one
    i have focusrite scarlet solo 2nd gen, but i use it in my pc rig, so i look for other alternative soundcard (ofc cheap one :smiley: )

  2. is there a way to scale down GUI view? i run it from my android through MODEP wifi, the view just too big and its get hard to connect input output…

  3. can MOD GUI running to raspberry pi 3.5" touch screen display?

thanks in advance, sorry for my bad english!!


  1. I haven’t :slight_smile:

  2. Seems to be usable in ‘portrait’ orientation, but of course using the UI on tablet or PC / laptop is easier.

  3. As this is a web interface, if you’d get a fullscreen browser running on the display and open the UI page, you could use it.

Thanks for reply

  1. any sound card maybe?

  2. okay i`ll try it

  3. how to make it running as web interface? editing config file?

Any audio card should work with MODEP, as long as the OS recognizes it and the Jack backend is configured appropriately. (see and, I²S based cards have lowest latency, USB and built-in analog output requires at least 512 audio buffer size and have bigger latency)

As for getting the browser running, any guide you find for Raspbian applies to MODEP too - the image itself is based on Raspbian Lite. So first you need to have the GUI packages installed, then some software to show the browser and open by default. This guide might be relevant:

Thank you so much Giedrius, i will try it and report it if it is works