Can ssh to Pi, but can't pull-up MODEP in browser

Arg. This was “working”. When I did the original PatchboxOS/MODEP install on my 8GB Pi4, it was hooked-up to a keyboard. mouse & monitor. At that time, I could HTTP to localhost and pull-up the MODEP-UI.

Today, I:

  • Started it in headless mode
  • ssh’ed to the Pi
  • Logged in as the PatchBox user
  • Ran: sudo apt update --allow-releaseinfo-change --fix-missing
  • Ran: sudo apt upgrade
  • Rebooted the Pi
    Now I can’t open the MODEP-UI in a browser. I get a server not responding error. I can still ssh in, and if I try curl http://localhost, I get connection refused. Ditto with HTTPS. I tried sudo systemctl restart jack modep-mod-ui, but that doesn’t help.

Well, It’s working. The only thing that changed was another shutdown/power off, reseating the USB cable to the interface and a boot-up.

So, the issue was either cleared by the 3rd power-up, or the USB connection was bad and the UI wouldn’t start because Jack couldn’t reach the device it was configured for.

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