GUI setup for MODEP?

Hey guys. Relatively new to the RPi but I’ve got a 3b+ with an audioinjector stereo soundcard installed and wanting to play with MODEP. I’ve installed the image following all Blokas instructions and I’ve got sound feeding in and out successfully after fiddling with the alsamixer. She’s ready to rip. Now for the super-noob stuff… Since it’s headless, how do I approach using a gui with it. I want to be able to preferably connect wirelessly to the pi as a hotspot (just have to initialize the wifi I guess… using ethernet at the moment for ssh’ing). I know there’s a pisound app but not sure if that works with 3rd party dac-hats or not. Anywho, not sure if I’m explaining properly… but how do I access a gui to play with the various pedals using an android phone/tablet or laptop. Didn’t see anything in the documentation for MODEP or I wouldn’t be asking. Pumped to get this thing going!

I’m an idiot… I missed a whole section since I was dealing with the advanced audio setup stuff. I think I found the info, but if anyone has any tips or tricks, it would be appreciated for getting it going! I’ve got a macbook pro, galaxy s8+ and a crappy older android tablet, so hoping to make it work with one of those wirelessly. Not going to bother with the beastly mac pro setup since this is for a portable setup. Anyways, I’ve got some reading to do. Excited though!

The easiest way is to connect to the Patchbox WiFi hotspot on your phone / PC (make sure it’s enabled in patchbox config utility), the default password is blokaslabs and then open in the browser.

I wasnt even aware of Patchbox. It seems like an entirely different image than MODEP (pretty cool though!). There is a wifi hotspot available right now that I can log into on my laptop, but I don’t get the GUI in Chrome. I feel like I’m close to getting this working. I checked the advanced audio config last night and realized the mod-ui, jack & modhost services weren’t running after trying to start & enable them. I remember them showing “dead” I believe. I haven’t changed any settings other than the recommended stuff as per Blokas if I’m using a 3rd party interface (disabled pisound stuff and made sure the audioinjector soundcard was listed). I’m assuming my problem is something to do with these services.

Yes, if one of these services are not running, the UI won’t run. The most likely culprit is Jack configuration, you may have to use different buffer settings or there was a typo or something. Check to see how to check the logs of each service.

Thanks for the help! I got it working in the end with your help and some more digging. Even though I had changed the sound card in jack.service, it reverted to pisound for some reason. I didn’t even notice while I was adjusting various advanced audio settings. Once I got the proper name from aplay -l (audioinjectorpi) again and stopped/started the services/daemons, all was good. Now I’m playing on my macbook pro in chrome while connected to the pi’s MODEP hotspot and having a blast. Thanks again!

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