Using two/multiple identical usb-to-midi adaptors

I’ve got two identical usb-to-midi adaptors and I’m trying to use them with MODEP to control two different Korg volca synths. I plan to use an MPK mini and the midi channel filter plugin to play each separately.

Screenshot from 2020-11-14 16-45-20

When I click on midi ports both devices show up but after adding them only one output port is shown (actually both show up initially but when I refresh or try to connect only one is shown).

Is there are a way to connect to each separately?

This might be a shortcoming in mod-host / mod-ui with no easy fix.

You could try to force one of them to use a different name using udev rules: (lines 20-23)

These rules use device path to determine which device is which, it depends on the USB port you plug the device in. You could come up with different rules to do it based on USB serial number (assuming your device have unique serial numbers), then it would be location-agnostic.

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Thanks! In the end I decided against trying this and instead bought a midi thru box. Probably a “better” solution in the long term.

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