IK Stealth Pedal Midi functionality

Hi all,

Recently found MODEP and so far loving it, thanks for all the hard work!

I’m currently trying to switch from an M-Audio USB Interface to an IK Multimedia Stealth Pedal. Mainly because it’s a cheap / easy way to get 1/4" in and out. So far the audio interface side of things is working, but I’m struggling to get any MIDI signals out of the thing (it is apparently a MIDI controller too).

I have tried amidi -l and i get nothing listed at all. If I click on MIDI Ports in MODEP I have the Separated / Aggregated options then MIDI Through MIDI 1 and TouchOSC MIDI 1 listed, but I’m guessing these are nothing to do with the Stealth Pedal.

It feels like the MIDI side of things has not been recognised by the Pi at all, but tbh I’m somewhat lost in Linux without a GUI (sorry, I just use Linux as a normal user, not really a Systems Engineer). Happy to mess with command line stuff, but I just don’t know it well enough to get off the ground.

Has anyone tried this? Has anyone got any advice on where to start?

Appreciate this is an old audio interface now, and somewhat a failed product in many ways, but if we could get this working it could be an excellent way to deliver MODEP to many a pedalboard, and reuse / repurpose some legacy hardware.

Thank you in advance of anything you can offer.


Hey, you should first get the MIDI ports recognized by amidi -l. After connecting your audio interface, run dmesg to get the kernel log output printed, see if there are any relevant errors.

Also, search the internet on information on your USB audio interface and on getting it to work nicely on Linux. Even information that is not directly aimed at Raspberry Pi might be helpful.