MODEP MIDI (not patchbox)

I’m trying to get MODEP working on different raspi audio hardware and I’m confused as to how/where MIDI is routed into MODEP.

I’ve got MODEP up and running and sound working. But if I plug in a MIDI controller to try and send notes or CCs, I can’t get the controller connected.

I don’t see any MODEP related items in aconnect -l or amidi -l

Patchage shows mod-midi-broadcaster, mod-midi-merger and mod-host. Is there a way to connect to those from the alsa midi system with aconnect?

EDIT - when I click on MIDI PORTS in the MODEP UI, I dont see any options, just a checkbox for aggregate or seperated mode.

Classic - answering my own question moments after posting. :rofl:

The magic ticket here is a2jmidid