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I have a technical question : I have 2 MIDI Keyboards in my set :
1- an Arturia Keystep pro with 4 MIDI channels, and this MIDI synth has the MIDI in and MIDI out possibilities
2- a Doepfer PK88 with 1 MIDI Channel, and only the MIDI out option.

For my setup, I use the first Channel of KEYSTEP to play drums, the second to play bass, the third to play piano, and the fourth to play synth (or brass, string, FX, etc).

I would like to « slave » the PK88 to the KEYSTEP PRO, especially the third midi channel, in order to use all the functions of KEYSTEP with the 88 notes of PK88.

Is it possible with one of the MIDI LV2 plugins ? Or with the « mididings » plugin that @RoDi updated ?

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I am not sure what you mean by ‘slave’ the PK88. If you want to play your synths with both keyboards, it would be enough to set the midi output of the keyboards to the same channel(s) for drum,bass etc. and merge the midi data, assuming only one devices (e.g. KEYSTEP) sends clock or other midi realtime commands. I don’t know whether the PK88 or the Keystep can do this function*. If not use a dedicated hardware device. On 5-Pin e.g. the midihub from blokas or sth from midisolutions, on USB this has to be done by the USB-host. E.g. on a Raspberry this can be done easily with ‘aconnect’ or ‘amidiauto’. To keep the timing tight I would stay with this ‘lowlevel’ solutions, unless you want to filter and tweak specific midi commands which can be done with mididings.


(*) From Arturia FAQ.

[Can the Keystep Pro be part of a MIDI chain? ]


Yes, that is possible.
Reconfigure the second MIDI port as a MIDI thru port.
When set to Thru, MIDI info received at the MIDI In or the USB port will be forwarded to MIDI OUT 2.
You can set this in the MIDI control center, or from Utility>MIDI Settings.

Hello @RoDi,

Thanks for your reply.

By « slave » mode I mean that my PK88 will be an extension of my KEYSTEP, especially for one of the 4 tracks that KEYSTEP has = if I choose the third track of KEYSTEP (keys for me, on midi channel 3), every note played on my PK88 will play keys.

This is possible for all KEYSTEP’s tracks with midi cable between the 2 keyboards, with the cable put in « MIDI OUT » from KEYSTEP, and « MIDI IN » to PK88. But PK88 HAS no MIDI IN, only MIDI OUT.

So I had the idea to « simulate » via MODEP (with his MIDI plugins, or via mididings) the MIDI IN function to do that.

Nb : I use the « separated mode » in MODEP, so for example the MIDI channel 1 of KEYSTEP is different than the MIDI Channel 1 of KEYSTEP. I choose this mode because I have another MIDI device connected SOFTSTEP in order to have some foot controls.
But the « agregated mode » should the solution (with 1 midi Channel per instrument, not midi device : I have to think about it :face_with_monocle: (!).

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