Is there any way to demux midi channels?

I have noticed that there’s no way to select the midi channel on the fluidsynth pedals. Is there any way to demux the midi channels into separate ports?

I tried with aconnect and dummy midi devices, but I wasn’t able to filter per channel…

Hey, there is a plugin for that:

Are you using the Beta MODEP image ([Beta] MODEP 2018-01-22)?

I can’t recall whether the plugin is included in the build, let me know if it’s not. :slight_smile:

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Ohhhh, nice, I installed following the command line instructions. I will try to build the missing plugins. Awesome!!

how to install it, can you put a link to the instructions? AFAIK it’s not in the build…
thx!! :slight_smile:

@Enkerli posted a great guide how to do that: Many More Extra MODEP Plugins

Most of the plugins are now already included in the images released.

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BTW, the MIDI Channel Filter is already available in the prebuilt MODEP image, just search for ‘x42’ using the magnifying glass button at the bottom right to find many MIDI utilities by x42.

Would recommend testing it before performance. That specific plugin didn’t work for me in my tests (but other x42 MIDI utilities did).

Hey, it worked for me, it was able to selectively demux and route specific midi channels to instruments. but I was using a USB midi device, not the built in midi, not sure if there’s any technical difference though.

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