Select specific port for MODEP clock input?

I have the problem that MODEP gets clock messages from two devices. Switching from aggegated to separate MIDI mode does not solve the problem. Is there any way to define a specific device as clock source ?

Looks like such an option is not available in MOD UI. I guess in that case, try to get one of the devices to stop sending clock messages, if possible.

The device (Korg SQ-1 Sequencer) only has a USB MIDI input so an external device does not work. I use Mididings for internal filtering and would be happy if MODEP could be configured so that it shows up as a dedicated MIDI port instead of intercepting everything from nowhere. Neither aconnect nor Qjackctl show anything MODEP related, I only notice that unknown client with id 130[real:0] that all MIDI devices are linked to. I am happy to edit files - no need for a webui option.

Check the jack backend connections too, use jack_lsp and jack_connect to manage them.

The 130:0 client may actually be the temporary instance of aconnect or other program which is querying information and listing everything.

As for editing the source, uninstall modep-mod-ui and modep-mod-host, install local versions of:

See and for clues on how it all gets built.

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Thanks for your help. In the end I could solve the problem without any hacking. The problem with the SQ-1 sequencer is that it has two MIDI ports and amidiauto only supports autoconnect to a single port. I have now disabled amidiauto and use QJackctl as autoconnect demon what allows me to feed the clock signal from my main clock source into the SQ-1s second port. The SQ-1 is in return no longer creating unwanted clock signals.

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