Midi clock sync


I am new to the forum.
I already messed around with Modep and a Raspberry 3B a while ago, but I just redid a setup with a Raspberry 4 and a Pisound hat.
It’s really great, but I have a problem with the midi sync.
I connect an Elektron Model:Cycles to Midi In, to have a clock and transport buttons.
It works overall, but I have a slight desynchronization in the tempo. If I set 120bpm on Model:Cycles, I have 120.02bpm in Modep. It’s not much, but with the ALO looper, it creates a desynchronization that becomes very noticeable.
I would like to correct this, but I don’t know which way to look.
Does anyone have any ideas to suggest to me?
I’m not afraid to dig into the code if I have to.
Thank you !


After digging into the problem, it seems that the desynchronization does not come from the precision level of the midi clock.
It would rather be a problem with the ALO looper. It’s very strange, but the click of the ALO looper is in sync with the external BMP, but as soon as I record a loop, it starts to drift after a few bars.
So unfortunately I can’t use it.
I would have liked to help, but it’s out of my scope.